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Join The World’s Best Ecommerce Community & Grow Your Revenue Faster With Proven Data-Driven Insights, Custom Shopify Apps, Winning Marketing Campaigns, Industry-Leading Live Mentoring, & The Best Peer Support In The World.

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$297/year ($507 Savings) or $67/month


Let’s be honest, running a business online is tough and lonely…

That’s why 90% of ecom stores fail in the first 4 months.

You can have the greatest product in the world, and it won’t mean sh*t if you can’t get your head around EVERYTHING you need to know about running an online business.

I’m talking about:

• Stock

• Offers

• Traffic



• Bundling

• Logistics

• Analytics

• Positioning

• Customer service

• Competitor Analysis

• Diversified revenue streams

• Revenue optimization

And this list could go on and on….

The crazy thing is, most people try and do all this themselves.

But learning all these aspects of your business is a slow process that gets overwhelming quickly…

It doesn’t take long for you to start feeling isolated and demoralized…

Like there’s a mountain to climb and no one to help.

Then all the negative questions start racing through your mind…

Why can’t I turn my store around?

Why are my sales dead?

Why am I not getting traffic?

Why am I struggling so hard to sell?

Is this even right for me?

Am I worthy?

And while you’re desperately dividing your attention in a million different directions, and dealing with all these tough questions, your revenue plateaus…

…or worse…

It starts to tumble…

In our experience, failure ALWAYS comes down to these 3 things

REASON 1 - You Can't Find And Plug Leaks Fast Enough

Here’s some data you won’t want to hear…

The average store has at least 50 leaks… some have well over 100!

That’s a whole lot of leaks to try plugging on your own.

Sure, you might get away with flying solo for a while, but it doesn’t last…

It can’t.

The holes gradually get bigger and you’re stretched too thin to cover them all.

It’s all too easy to start feeling depressed as you see the leaks developing in your store and profits starting to fall…

…and you’re faced with the desperate situation of not being able to do a damn thing about it.

It’s panic stations. 

Suddenly, you’re the captain of a sinking ship, with no crew to help you.

Your margins are shrinking, and you don’t have the expertise you need to make fast and effective decisions. 

In that situation there’s only one thing you can do… 

Continue trying to plug the holes one at a time as best you can. 

But every minute that goes by, you’re bleeding money, haemorrhaging customers, and adding ridiculous pressure on yourself and your store.

Without the right people, you’re left struggling to figure it all out on your own.

That’s slow, stressful, and incredibly disheartening.

Just, think about how long it’ll take you to find them all on your own.

You need help, and you need it fast! 

But where do you find it?

NO. You Won’t Find The Help You Need On Google…

You need to face the facts.

A trial and error approach will not get you the results you need fast enough.

The obvious thing to do is search Google.

Maybe you can find someone with the answers you need.

Someone who’s been where you are.

Someone who’s battled with poor conversions, and fought to turn their store around.

Someone with the experience to help.

But it’s almost impossible to find the right person when you don’t know where to start in the first place.

All you can do is search for a general term and hope for the best.

I’ve been there…

Sat wide awake in the early hours of the morning hunched over my laptop typing

“How do I boost my conversions?”

“How do I improve my conversion rate?”

“My store’s not converting.”

You hit enter and good old Google delivers…

3,980,000,000 results to pick through one at a time.

You’ll find blogs, courses, videos, advice and people making all kinds of outrageous promises.

“Here’s how I 10xed my store, and how you can too.”

“Get my proven Shopify traffic strategy course for only $4999.”

“Do this now and get 2x more customers in just 24 hours.”

All these promises look amazing on the surface…

…but none of them will work for you or your store.

Picking through random pieces of advice one at a time is crushingly slow…

You won’t get the results you need fast enough to save your store.

REASON 2 - Cookie-Cutter Advice Will NOT Give You The Answers You Need.

Let me save you the trouble of going through almost 4 billion search results.

Most of them are going to tell you to increase your ad spend.

And they couldn’t be more wrong. 

The fact is that most store owners are much better at attracting traffic than they need to be. 

Traffic is not your problem.

Getting customers to your store is not your problem. 

The problem starts when they get there.

That’s where stores live and die.

But knowing what to do to optimize your revenue takes a certain set of skills that these gurus don’t have.

It’s much easier for them to focus on traffic because it’s easy to show an increase in revenue… 

…even if it destroys your ROAS in the process and hammers your bottom line.

So, listen up.

Running a successful business is NOT just driving traffic.

I’ve seen hundreds of businesses fail because they obsess over traffic instead of focusing on the things that really matter…

FACT - Only Traffic That Spends Counts…

Would you like a million more visitors to your store?

Whenever I’ve asked that question, the overwhelming answer is, “YES!”

And why not? It sounds great on the surface. 

But what if I told you that they’re not going to spend a penny with you? 

Suddenly it doesn’t sound so appealing.

If your store can’t entice them to spend money, then a billion visitors will do NOTHING for you.

I really can’t stress this point enough. 

Visitors will not increase your conversion rate.   


You might not know this, but the average ecom store converts at 2%.  

Only 2 out of every 100 visitors will spend money.That’s 5000 store visitors for just 100 paying customers. 

Numbers like that might have you asking yourself, well, what’s the point?

But what if 5, 6, 7+ people in every 100 started spending in your store instead of just 2?

Try thinking about it this way…

1. A 10% reduction in bounce rate will cut your traffic cost in half.

2. Revenue doubles when 4 out of every 100 visitors spend instead of 2.

But here’s the catch…

You WON’T get the information you need to make this happen from unspecific generic BS Google searches.

Total Value: $9,953yr

Todays Offer

$297yr ($9,296 Savings)

REASON 3 - You CAN’T Do It All Alone.

I’ve never been one to beat around the bush, so I’ll just come out and say it. 

One of the top 5 reasons ecom stores fail is because business owners think they can do it all themselves.

But the truth is that you can’t. No one can. 

With so many gurus preaching how easy it is to build a business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying into their BS. 

But the skills needed to launch a business are different to the ones needed to scale.

The general rule is that all businesses are built by generalists and scaled by specialists.  

Time and time again, I’ve seen business owners try and do it all themselves in an effort to keep costs down, and almost all of them fail.


Because most business owners are generalists… they have to be. In the beginning, you can get away with doing it all yourself. 

But it can’t last… It’s too demanding, too stressful, and too time consuming. It takes over.

Soon you find that every moment you’re awake, you’re working on your store. 

That freedom you were promised has become slavery to your business instead.

And believe me when I say it becomes very depressing.   

The facts are that no matter how good you think you are at being creative one day and an analyst the next, you’ll never be as good as a true specialist.

To grow and scale your business, you need people on your side.

People with highly-specific skill sets.

People that can rummage around in your store on a granular level and find everything that’s not working… 

 …but the people with these skill sets do not come cheap…

Your Own Revenue Optimization Manager Will Cost You $103,000 A Year—Minimum.

Your Own Revenue Optimization Manager Will Cost You $103,000 A Year—Minimum.

You KNOW you need a specialist. 

Investing your time and energy in tasks that require expertise you don’t have, is not a wise use of your time… 

…and while you focus on that, other areas of your business get neglected causing even more leaks and holes to appear.

Realistically, you NEED a revenue optimization expert. 

The easy solution is to hire an in-house revenue optimizer, right? 

Well, no actually. 

Having someone on staff full-time is a big expense and risk for your business, and here’s why…

Firstly, you will have to pay for another full-time member of staff.

The average salary for a revenue optimization manager is $103,000 per year.

That leaves you with the task of finding another 6-figure salary—a huge expense when your revenue is already slipping.

And even if you opted for someone part-time, you’d still need to find 50k to pay them and hope that they were working when you needed them…

Secondly, you’re relying on one person. 

One person with the expertise to analyse your store’s data, reduce sales friction, increase sales, optimize email, improve UX and UI etc, etc, etc…

Do you know what someone who claims to be able to do it all is called?


Putting you right back at square one… 

What you really need is a team of experts each with their own skills, knowledge and area of expertise.

…and a community of people who’ve been there and done it so you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes…

Yes. There Is A Place You Can Get EVERYTHING You Need To Build, Grow, And Scale.

Just give yourself a minute.

That’s a lot to take in.

1. You won’t get the results you need fast enough as a generalist.

2. You can’t rely on unspecific cookie-cutter advise from gurus.

3. You can’t rely on one in-house optimizer to do it all for you. 

4. And you can’t do it all on your own.

It’s starting to look impossible…

…but let’s flip that on it’s head and start looking at what you do need instead. 

1. You need access to specialists with specific skills, strategies and expertise that know how to grow and scale a business as quickly as possible. 

2. You need advise tailored to your specific store focused on your specific needs. 

3. You need a cost-effective solution that doesn’t rely on one person knowing everything. 

4. And you need access to a support network of people who’ve been there, done it, and got the T-shirt so you’re never facing this on your own. 

Well that place exists. 

A place where you can get access to the best optimizers in the world, a community of diehard ecom geniuses, tailored advise and strategies specific to your individual needs and much more…

That place is here.

Todays Offer

$297/year ($507 Savings) or $67/month

Our Team Took Deven From $225k Per Year to $3.6 Million Per Year And We Can Do The Same For You.

Deven was doing well.

He’d celebrated his first 40k month and finished out a pretty good year at 225k in revenue…

While that might look great to some, Deven knew he had the potential to do a lot better. 

He recognized that he’d hit a plateau. 

He’d taken his business as far as he could alone and he needed support to scale further. 

Being a successful business owner already, he figured out his options fast… 

…and it all came down to making a choice. 

Employ a revenue optimizer at 6-figures per year and hope they had the skills he needed to plug any holes and scale his store by themselves…

…or option 2… 

Get access to a team of 30+ world-leading optimization experts and become part of a supportive and growing ecom community for a fraction of the cost of just one in-house team member.

If that sounds like a bit of a no-brainer that’s because it is. 

Instead of relying on one in-house revenue optimizer with maybe 5 years of experience, he now had access to over 30 experts each with their own unique skill sets and over 100 years of combined experience…

…as well as hundreds of store owner ready to answer questions and share their experience and expertise. 

Deven chose to work with BGS and join the community.

And the results are clear…

World-Leading Optimizers. World-Class Community.

The team at BGS live and breathe revenue optimization. 

Just take a look at some of the leadership team. 

CEO of BGS Matthew Stafford -Matthew is the genius behind the data and development of BGS’s “Revenue Optimization” system. Through testing ideas on his own store, he realized that by focusing on revenue optimization, he could turn any store profitable while drastically reducing the CPA. 

Now he spends his time turning existing traffic into paying customers for members of BGS by removing sales friction from the buyer’s journey. 

Matthew is known as one of Shopify’s top revenue optimization experts and has over 27 years of business experience including several stores of his own both online and offline.

Head of Revenue Optimization Aleks Nikoloski – As well as being BGS’s head of revenue optimization, Aleks is an author and speaker. With the BGS Amplified Partnership program, he helped scale multiple 6, 7, and 8-figure stores. He scaled one store from $2.6 million to $6.7 million per year in 24 months. Another was scaled from $300K to over $2 million per month in under 6 months.

Just these 2 alone have over 15 years of experience generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

And when you work with BGS, you get access to their expertise, and the expertise of over 30 other revenue experts…

Not to mention the incredible community of hundreds of ecommerce store owners ready to support you on your journey to success… 

We call this Ecom Insider. 

And we’re inviting YOU.

Todays Offer

$297/year ($507 Savings) or $67/month

Want To Know What It’s Like Join The Community?

“It feels like having the keys to the kingdom.” – Sam and Boris Savransky

Our story just proves that absolutely anyone could build a 7-figure ecom store with the help of BGS Ecom Insider… even immigrants like us that didn’t speak a word of English when we came to US. Just like in the story of the 4-minute mile. Ecom Insider helped us see things that we didn’t know were possible in e-commerce, like getting conversions north of 8% on a consistent and long-term basis… regardless of the niche or industry. That simply means the net profit grows exponentially faster and higher. Quite frankly, with Ecom Insider, it feels like having the keys to the kingdom!

“The value we’ve received from Ecom Insider is incomparable to any other e-commerce consulting we’ve been a part of or seen.” – David and Archer Worsham

Our partnership as brothers has brought us a long way since we began our e-commerce journey. We’ve made many mistakes. lost a lot of money, and have overcome many obstacles We’ve both wasted tens of thousands of dollars on consulting that weas washed us and no good. The value weve received from Ecom Insider is incomparable to any other e-commerce consulting or trainings we’ve been a part of or seen.

Nowadays, we don’t bother learning from anyone else. If you want to learn silly tactics that may make you some short cash and end up back at square one eventually, then learn elsewhere. If you want to learn the best practices of e-commerce so you can keep growing your business to new heights, then join E.I. If you’re on the fence about joining Ecom Insider, our best suggestion to you is to just dive in and give it a try. Their guidance has resulted in us scaling a small business that was barely existent online into an 8-figure company. Without their consulting, our road to scaling our company would have been really bumpy.

“I went from selling health products at tradeshows to owning a 7-figure Shopify store!” – John William Johnson

Being an Ecom insider has brought back hope that anything is possible! I went from selling health products at trade shows to owning a 7-figure Shopify store, and still going! All you have to do is be persistent and follow instructions from the experts in Ecom Insider. It’s all about the networking and relationships, and I highly recommend Ecom Insider.

And There Are Hundreds More!

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey

We’re all here to support you every step of the way

In the last few years, BGS and our amazing Ecom Insider community have helped…


People become first-time

6-Figure Store Owners



People become first-time

7-Figure Store Owners



People become first-time

8-Figure Store Owners


So the big question is, will you be the next EI success story?

There’s One Thing Everyone Forgets That We Make Our Top Priority


As you can see from our Insider’s results, there’s nothing we value more than our community. 

Many online businesses function remotely and that means there’s no one there to share in the good times and bear the burden when things get tough…

…and things get tough more frequently that anyone cares to admit. 

Carrying a whole business on your shoulders requires a level of strength and resilience that most people will never understand…

…but we do, and so do all our community members. 

We’ve all been there ourselves and we know EXACTLY how lonely, and depressing a place it can be when you’re out there on your own.

That’s why one of the biggest advantages of becoming a member of Ecom Insider is our supportive community of Ecom geniuses. 

Here, you’ll be able to meet hundreds of business owners just like you. 

Some will be further along on their journey…

…others further behind. 

But everyone is united by their desire to see the rest succeed because when you win, everyone wins.

You see, your mindset is very important. 

When you adopt a growth mindset, everyone’s success becomes your success.

And when you’re surrounded by people who’ve been there and done it, and struggled in the same way that you are now, you realize you’re not alone.

We are here for you. 

To pick you up when your down, celebrate when you win, and support you on your journey to success. 

As an Ecom Insider, you won’t ever have to go it alone ever again…

Here’s A Taste Of What’s Waiting For You Inside Ecom Insider

Monthly Email Plus Call 

Join Klaviyo's Top 20 Worldwide Champion Gabrielle Pitman for our Email Plus call.

Be it email, sms, or direct physical mail, she will teach, critique and coach you on one of the most crucial aspects of ecommerce.

Bi-Weekly Jam Sessions

Store not converting as well as you’d like?

Let Matt and the Revenue Optimization team pop open the hood and analyze your store for you LIVE on Zoom.

Join the panel and get a personalized critique of your store in a 1-on-1 setting.

Walk away from the session with actionable steps you can implement immediately.

Weekly “Tech-Tuesday” Sessions

Tech troubles getting you down? 

Get instant help and support from Igor Silva with any ecommerce-related tech issue.

In most cases, he’ll provide you with a solution live on the call. In the case of a large undertaking, he will suggest the best way to proceed.

Weekly “Traffic Talk Friday” Sessions 

Stressing over ads? Google, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok?

We’ll be reviewing your ads and providing feedback on your overall ad strategy and data, PLUS we’ll discuss anything traffic-related.

Bi-Weekly Copywriting Critique Sessions

Struggling to nail your product descriptions, sales page copy and ad copy? 

Get product descriptions, sales page copy, funnels, emails, and ads critiqued by a world-renowned copywriting expert.

Monthly Ask Me Anything

Wondering what success looks like for you? 

Join our experts and other successful Ecom Insiders for some deep-dive trainings and interactive Q & A.

Facebook Mastermind Community

Need support from someone who knows what you’re going through? 

Join our private Ecom Insider Facebook group. Here you can get answers to your questions within minutes from our members-only community.

Access to these ecommerce geniuses alone is worth the price of admission. There are store owners in every niche and size—from complete beginners to 8-figure business owners.


We Believe Coaching Is Only Effective LIVE!

You’ll never get the quality and detail you need from cookie-cutter videos and manuals.

As part of Ecom Insider, you’ll be able to access the best minds and strategies in revenue optimization and join whatever weekly LIVE coaching call is most relevant to you and your challenges.

Or you can say, “to hell with it,” and join them all! The choice is yours…

With Ecom Insider, There Is Something For Everyone.

Our super supportive community is here to celebrate your successes and help you overcome any and all of your obstacles.

With EI, you’re never alone.

What Could You Achieve With A Team Of 30+ Revenue Optimization Experts?

Revenue optimization is as much an art as it is a science. 

It’s one thing to know what needs to be done and another entirely to know how to do it quickly and effectively to yield maximum results.  

We’ve spent decades mastering both the art and science of revenue optimization so we can deliver results faster than anything else you’ve ever seen.

No more slow trial and error. 

No more BS generic guru advice.

And no more trying to figure it all out on your own. 

This is the real deal. 

So real in fact that one store we were introduced to took 6 months to turn over $114,000 before they met us… 

…but after just 16 days of using our Revenue Optimization strategies from Ecom Insider, they were doing $50,000 days!

Yes. You read that right. Not weeks, months, DAYS.

So ask yourself… 

…what would that mean to you?

To make more money than you ever have before. 

To sleep easy at night knowing your store was working in overdrive to deliver you and your family the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for.

To quiet the voices in your head questioning if you’re worthy. 

To not worry about your bills, overheads, or how you’re going to pay your staff…

…and to know you’re not alone in this anymore. 

You see, success as a store owner means so much more than making money. 

It’s supporting a family, building a future, and creating a legacy. 

All of that and more is possible when you become a member of Ecom Insider… 

…and we’ll be with you every step of the way as you make it happen…

“So, What’s It Gonna Cost Me?” Well, You’re In For A Pleasant Surprise.

If you were to invest in just one revenue optimization manager, you’d be paying out $103,000 per year for an average one.

 And let’s be honest, you’re not here because you want “average.”

A good revenue manager will cost you roughly $120,000 per year. 

That’s an extra 10k per month you have to find, another salary to pay, another person to manage, another expense to consider and another headache you don’t need. 

And what do you get for that? Well, not much.No matter how skilled they are, it’s just one more person trying to plug hundreds of holes across your business.

One person is slow……and you need fast.But now you have a better option. 

A faster option. An option where you get the support and expertise you need from people who have lived and breathed the challenges you face now… 

When you join Ecom Insider today, you get access to over 40 of the greatest ecom revenue experts on Earth… 

…and become a valued member of the most supportive ecom community of all time. 

So, I guess you’re wondering what that would cost if adding one revenue optimizer would set you back over 100k. 

Well, I’m not one for teasing so I’ll get to it.  

As well as our:

Bi-Weekly Jam Sessions

Weekly “Tech-Tuesday” Sessions

Weekly “Traffic Talk Friday” Sessions

Bi-Weekly Copywriting Critique Sessions

Monthly “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Sessions

Monthly Email Plus Session

Facebook Mastermind Community


BONUS #1: G.S.D Marketing Campaigns ($2,364/Year Value)

Struggling to write emails? Well, don’t worry.

There are step-by-step, marketing campaign that’s have been tested and proven on all of our partner stores and our students’ stores. You get fully deployable campaigns, with blueprints, process maps, templates and swipe files for all of your copy. You just set it and forget it.

These campaigns are our students’ favorites. 

Each campaign alone has the potential to pay you back your membership fee many times over…

…and there are over 60 past campaigns and counting, covering every holiday promotion you can think of, and more. 

BONUS #2: Ecommerce Business Blueprint ($397 Value)

Are you at a loss with starting your ecom business? This course will show you how to start and grow an ecommerce brand the right way. It includes over 100 easy-to-follow training videos, workshops, resources and support.

It covers:

• Ecom Business Basics

• Niche Selection

• Market Research

• What to Sell (Includes Drop-Shipping, Print on Demand, Private Label and Continuity.)

• Store Buildout (on our own optimized BGS Shopify 2.0 Theme.)

• Recommended Apps

• SEOCopywriting

• Branding 101

• Revenue Optimization Basics

• Email Marketing

• Social Media Creatives

• Traffic Generation (includes up to date Facebook Ads for 2022, Google Shopping and Performance Max. Tik Tok Marketing will be released soon!)

• Customer Service.

BONUS #3: Revenue Optimization Fundamentals Course ($999 Value)

Feeling overwhelmed by the massive amount of information within Ecom Insider? This is the best place to start. First, it will guide you through the Revenue Optimization concepts.

Second, it will guide you through optimizing your store with all of our best practices, so you can prepare for a higher level feedback on a Jam Session.

BONUS #4: Additional Ecommerce Courses ($3,997 Value)

You’re also getting FREE access to our ever-expanding library of courses. Currently, you will get access to:

• Physical Product Showcase course (Struggling to find winning products? This course will guide you through our proven process.)

• Competition Buster course (Is your business is slowly dying because you’re competing on price? This course will show you how to differentiate yourself so you can charge more than your competitors and still win.)

• Product Page Optimization course (Are you getting traffic but people are not adding to cart? This course will help you optimize your product pages with our 90+ revenue-boosting product page optimization tweaks.)

BONUS #5: 20% Discount On All BGS Done-For-You Services

While we teach you how to do everything we do to optimize a store inside of Ecom Insider … we know that some people like to just outsource some of those things so they can focus on growing their businesses.

For those people we offer various Done-For-You services, and as an Ecom Insider, you get a 20% discount to all of them, compared to what the public is paying for them. This alone can save you thousands of dollars a year.

If you add all that up, you end up with a total value of $20,249.

Compare that to one in-house revenue optimizer and you’ve made a saving of almost $100,000…

But you WON’T pay that. 

Not even close. 

You can become a member of Ecom Insider for just…

…$67 per month...or $297 for the whole year!

Oh, and you can cancel at any time.  

No. That’s not a typo…

Full access to Ecom Insider PLUS ALL the bonuses is just $67 per month!

To put in another way that’s just $2.23 a day. 

…Or the equivalent of a soda. 

Let me put that into perspective for you another way.

What Is Your Future Worth To You?

If your answer is less that $5,000 a year, I think you’re in the wrong place. 

You might be better off opting into a guru course from one of the 3,980,000,000 results…

Who knows? 

You might get lucky…

Maybe you think you can go it alone. 

Well, I can promise you now it is a long, slow, and painful road. 

You could invest in an in-house revenue optimizer and hope you’ve found the rarest of unicorns who can do it all for you…

They’ll still set you back over 100k per year though…

…and have to fix everything one hole at a time. 

Or you could decide right now to choose Ecom Insider and get the best of everything with none of the drawbacks…

I believe this is the best ROI you’ll find anywhere in the world of ecom…

…and there are hundreds of store owners waiting to meet you inside who’d agree. 

Here’s a quick reminder of what you’ll find inside.

Weekly “Tech-Tuesday” Sessions ($1,999/Year Value)

Weekly “Traffic Talk Friday” Sessions ($1,999/Year Value)

Bi-Weekly Copywriting Critique Sessions ($1,499/Year Value)

Bi-Weekly “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Sessions ($999/Year Value)

Facebook Mastermind Community ($1,997/Year Value)

BONUS #1: G.S.D Marketing Campaigns ($2,364 Value)

BONUS #2: Ecommerce Business Blueprint ($97 Value)

BONUS #3: Revenue Optimization Fundamentals Course ($97 Value)

BONUS #4: Additional Ecommerce Courses ($1,997 Value)

BONUS #5: 20% Discount On All BGS Done-For-You Services

Bi-Weekly Jam Sessions ($3,999/Year Value)

Monthly Email Plus Session ($499 Value)

Total Value: $17,546

For only $67 per month after, cancel anytime.

(This was our initial price when we launched Ecom Insider in late 2017. We want to open Ecom Insider up again and make it available to anyone, no matter where they are in their ecom journey!)

Unlocking your true revenue potential starts here with a single click…

I’ll see you there.


The Last Ecommerce Family You Will Ever Want or Need

Get Started Now For Just

$67 per month!

As an Ecom Insider Member, You'll Have Access to:

Click each section below to expand

Bi-Weekly Jam Sessions ($3,999/Year Value)

As your store not converting as well as you would like it to? Join the Revenue Optimization team to critique your store LIVE on a Zoom call and get action steps on how to optimize it. We will invite you as a panelist on the call and we will talk in a 1-on-1 setting while we critique your store.

Weekly “Tech-Tuesday” Sessions ($1,999/Year Value)

Experiencing some technical issues with your store? Join Igor Silva to get instant help and support with any ecom-related tech challenges.

He will give you a solution to most of your tech issues live on the call. Or if it’s a big undertaking, he will advise you on the best course of action.

Weekly “Traffic Talk Friday” Sessions ($1,999/Year Value)

Having trouble with your ads or not sure what to do? Join this call for a critique of your ads and feedback on your overall ad strategy and data, PLUS get up-to-date know-how on anything traffic-related.

Bi-Weekly Copywriting Critique Sessions ($1,499/Year Value)

Are you struggling with writing good product descriptions, sales page copy and ad copy? Join world-renowned copywriting expert David to get critiques and feedback on your product descriptions, sales page copy, funnels, emails, and ads.

Join our RO experts and other successful Ecom Insiders for some deep-dive trainings and interactive Q & A.

Are you struggling with writing good product descriptions, sales page copy and ad copy? Join world-renowned copywriting expert David to get critiques and feedback on your product descriptions, sales page copy, funnels, emails, and ads.

Monthly "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) Sessions ($999/Year Value)

Join our RO experts and other successful Ecom Insiders for some deep-dive trainings and interactive Q & A.

Facebook Mastermind Community ($1,997/Year Value)

Do you need support or have any questions? Make sure you join our Ecom Insider private Facebook group. This is our members-only community where you get all your questions answered in minutes by our team and your peers.

This group of ecommerce geniuses alone is worth the price of admission. It has store owners in every niche and size. From complete beginners to 8-figure business owners.

BONUS : 20% Discount On All BGS Done-For-You Services

While we teach you how to do everything we do to optimize a store inside of Ecom Insider … we know that some people like to just outsource some of those things so they can focus on growing their businesses.

For those people we offer various Done-For-You services, and as an Ecom Insider, you get a 20% discount to all of them, compared to what the public is paying for them. This alone can save you thousands of dollars a year.


$297/year ($507 Savings) or $67/month

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