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Product Page Optimization Course

Turn Clicks into Cash by Mastering Product Page Optimization.

Two Revolutionary Items!

($197 Value)

Revenue Optimization Handbook

• Product Page Optimization Course

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What is Product Page Optimization?

The Product Page Optimization course by Build Grow Scale provides 90+ proven tweaks to optimize ecommerce product pages, aiming to significantly increase conversion rates and sales without additional traffic costs.

It includes a step-by-step, six-module program covering key areas such as layout, image galleries, buy sections, product descriptions, reviews, and cross-sells. Additionally, the course offers a free "Fast-Track Copywriting Blueprint" to create high-converting copy across various marketing channels.

This comprehensive training is based on real-world experience and extensive testing, promising substantial improvements in ecommerce performance.

What You'll Learn In Our Product Page Optimization Course

  • Module 1: Page Layout

  • The right way to order the content on your product pages so it’s intuitive    for your visitors. (This is key.)

    The one thing you should never do when it comes to your page layout. (Most business owners do this.)

    The best page layout to use for your products, plus the key element that makes or breaks it.

  • Module 3: The Buy Section

  • • The one thing you should NEVER do in your “Buy” section.

    • How to properly display product variations.

    • Summary descriptions and how to do them right.

  • Module 5: Reviews

  • • The truth about reviews that nobody told you.

    • The one thing that will dramatically increase the credibility of your reviews

    • How to present your reviews properly so your visitors see them and read them.

  • Module 2: Image Gallery

  • • The number one biggest thing that most businesses mess up

    • The five must-have image types.

    • How to do product-image zoom right. 

  • Module 4: Product Descriptions

  • • The one thing that will make or break your product descriptions.

    • How to properly lay out your descriptions for ease of reading and understanding.

    • How to have your customers write your product descriptions for you.

  • Module 6: Cross-sells

  • • Why UX Matters in SEOThe three types of cross-sells that you can do and    how to do each one.

    • The one thing you should NEVER do on a cross-sell that almost everyone    does.

    • How to position and present your cross-sells right.


Who is this course for?

This course is specially designed for ecommerce store owners or team members that want to increase their conversion rates and revenue per user, improve the user experience, and maximize the ROI of paid traffic.


Revenue Optimization Handbook Bonus!!!

With your purchase of the Revenue Optimization Course, we'll send you our Revenue Optimization Handbook for FREE!

10 Hours On-Demand Video

Video content that can be played and replayed until you understand.

7 Modules/26 Topics

We will walk you through, step by step, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Downloadable Resources

Resources, Checklists and Cheat Sheets to complement the course.

Full Lifetime Access

You'll get lifetime access to updates for as long as the course exists.

BONUS Revenue Optimization Handbook

Battle tested & proven best practices for optimization your ecom store. 

BONUS Winning Split Tests

Included in the Handbook is a free bonus of our largest split test wins on our partner stores.

Check Our Testimonials From Our Revenue Optimization Handbook

The Revenue Optimization Handbook is like having a mentor guide you through the intricacies of e-commerce optimization. The depth of knowledge and expertise shared by Build Grow Scale is unmatched. Following their guidance, we've optimized our store for better customer experience and seen a remarkable uptick in repeat business.

Ane - Ecom Insider Lifetime Member

Before the Revenue Optimization Handbook, I felt like I was guessing my way through e-commerce. Build Grow Scale transformed that uncertainty into confidence. With the strategies I learned, I've seen a 25% increase in sales and a clearer path to scaling my business. It's not just a handbook; it's a blueprint for success.

Jason - Ecom Store Owner

This Handbook offered us more than just tips—it provided a transformative approach to our entire online presence. We've not only increased our sales but also improved our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It's an indispensable resource for anyone serious about scaling their e-commerce business.

Mary Singer - Online Marketer

Yes, I want to optimize my product pages!

Two Revolutionary Items!

$197 Value

Revenue Optimization Handbook

• Product Page Optimization Course

ALL For A One Time Payment of


Savings of $147.03

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