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You’ll love this, or we’ll give you 3x your money back

Here’s the 3-day “Fast Track” to Doubling Your Store’s Sales

March 5th, 6th and 7th `12:00pm PST Daily

1,256 ecom store owners have already used this “copy and paste” process to instantly increase their revenue… This formula has been proven to work time and time again, even in highly competitive or obscure niches, selling expensive products, or even if you’ve tried and failed in the past to get Facebook ads to convert.

A few of the ecom brands we've helped grow and scale

After generating over $400 Million in ecom sales for ecom businesses in dozens of niches ...

... we’ve discovered a “fast track” blueprint to quickly increase any store’s revenue. This is SO powerful that if you don’t love it, we’ll give you 3x your money back.

  • After working with thousands of ecom businesses of all sizes, we’ve uncovered the THE most powerful changes that unlock the biggest and fastest wins … and we’ve condensed them into a 2h bootcamp to give you the fastest, clearest roadmap to increasing your store’s revenue.

  • Using this exact roadmap, in only 2 short years we’ve helped 167 people become 6-figure store owners, 73 people hit the 7-figure mark and 13 people unlock 8-figure earnings with their store.

  • Since this roadmap has worked at all levels, if you follow it you’re almost guaranteed to see results. That’s why we offer 300% money-back guarantee.

  • And because we want to win you over as a client for life, we’re giving you an incredible deal on this million dollar roadmap, in which you’ll discover:

    DAY 1
    Optimize Your Store

  • Copy and paste our proven optimization tweaks to convert more visitors into buyers effortlessly.

  • Experience an immediate impact across your site, enabling increased revenue without inflating your ad spend.

  • Benefit from the expertise of Aleks, our head of optimization, who has contributed to the growth and scaling of multiple 7 & 8-figure brands.

  • DAY 2

    Optimize Your Email

  • Steal our essential email flows and campaigns, responsible for generating over 40% of monthly sales for an 8-figure store.

  • Dodge the spam folder and enhance email deliverability with our advanced segmentation system.

  • Learn from Deven, an 8-figure store owner and email master, who has been a long-time client and student.

  • DAY 3

    Scale Your Business

  • Everybody’s talking about “scaling” but what does it actually mean? And how do you do it consistently and sustainably? Follow this plan of attack on how to scale in this volatile economic climate

  • Increase My Conversion Rate Now

    Vessal Went From $4k To Over $1 Million With Our Methods!


    March 5th, 6th and 7th 12:00pm PST Daily
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    Ever wonder why your ads aren't working as good as they used to?

    It has to be traffic, right?

    You’re not bringing in enough customers…

    But traffic isn’t as straightforward as it once was.

    Advertising has changed in a BIG way, thanks to Apple.

    The data you needed to make tactical decisions is gone.

    Now you’re spending blindly hoping for an impact…

    With NO guarantee.You feel like you’re working in the dark.

    Shouting into the void, hoping the right people hear you and buy…

    Ever feel like you have the words “abandoned cart” stamped on your face?

    You spend all that money dragging traffic, kicking and screaming to your store…

    Only for them to bounce straight out  WITHOUT  making a purchase.

    Time, energy, resources, wasted… with no explanation.

    All you’re left with is an expensive ad bill and a ton of frustrating NEW questions.

    Am I appealing to the wrong customers?

    Is their shopping experience bad?

    Is my store too complicated?

    Is it hard to navigate?

    You  KNOW  there is something wrong, but what?

    Most people think increasing their ad spend will increase sales… it won’t.

    😔 It’s sad but —

    Doubling down on your ad spend doesn’t bring the results it used to.

    You spend more money and get fewer results.

    And let’s face it, extra traffic won’t make up for a 2% conversion rate.

    (That’s what the average store is doing)

    But there is a better way…

    What I’m about to share with you is how we’ve been able to make over $400M in sales for hundreds of e-commerce store owners like yourself.

    Without giving the advertising fat cats another dime…

    And I don’t mean to brag, but these strategies really work and tend to be reserved for our top-paying clients like Arthur:

    “After 20 years in ecommerce, (that’s right… from the start) I haven’t seen a group as High Level as this one”

    There is a simple and quick way to increase conversions and drive more revenue from your store— without spending more money on ads

    Okay, enough of the small talk.

    There’s a process that we take all of our clients through to ensure that their stores squeeze out every drop of profit.

    We call it “reducing sales friction.”

    This essentially means making the buying experience so smooth and seamless from the homepage to checkout and beyond… that your customers can’t help but buy.

    Sounds Good, Right?

    Yes, Let's Get Started

    How removing “Sales Friction” from your store is the KEY to getting TONS more sales

    Sales friction comes in many forms, and I guarantee you’ve experienced it yourself.

    Put simply, it’s all the bumps and snags that cause frustration and slow down your customer’s shopping experience, stopping them from buying.

    I’m talking about:

  • Paragraphs of product descriptions instead of scannable bullet points

  • Hidden ghost button when you need a clear “buy now” button

  • Confusing navigation bars that lead your customers round in circles

  • No filters to make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for

  • And more

  • You see, to increase your conversion rates, you NEED to make the process as simple, smooth, and frictionless as possible.

    That’s what we help you do.

    Optimize every page of your store for conversions

    Build out your backend and email offering with our proven templates

    Improve the health of your email, so you hit more inboxes

    Ready to turn your store into a cash machine?

    Yes, Let's Get Started

    After generating 400M in sales, I’ve discovered there’s MORE money to be made INSIDE your store than you think.

    Here’s a hard truth.

    The average store converts at 2%.

    That means for all the thousands you spend on ads pulling in traffic, only 2 out of every 100 people will ever make a purchase.

    That’s a pretty embarrassing static…

    But there is good news.

    The stores from our students and clients convert at 4% and up on average.

    Some have gone up to 6, 7, 8% and beyond!

    Those numbers are hard to get your head around…

    So, think about it this way…

    What would your revenue look like if every one of your customers spent $20 instead of $10?

    One simple change and you double your revenue without spending anotherdime on ads…

    All by implementing strategies INSIDE your store.

    Want to know how?

    Imagine sleeping soundly at night KNOWING your store was performing how it should be…

    Picture this.

    You’re out for a meal.

    For the first time since launching your business, you’re able to relax.

    You sit back and settle into the conversation.

    The hard work is done.

    You KNOW your store is optimized and making you money while you sleep.

    All because you took part in this Bootcamp.

    That COULD be your reality.

    But right here, right now, you have to make a choice…

    So, what’s it going to be?

    Introducing : The Ecom Profit Bootcamp

    We’ve crammed 400M dollars worth of proven sales strategies into a masterclass of actionable advice.

    We call this  Revenue Optimization , and there is no one better at it.

    Imagine you could:

  • Optimize every one of your pages for sales

  • Build a back end that brings customers back and generates up to 40% of your revenue

  • And more

    It’s time to make it happen.

    Here’s what you’ll get when you join the

    Ecom Profit Bootcamp…

    DAY 1 : Boost Your Conversions

    Copy our proven, simple conversion tweaks for every page of your store and experience almost instant revenue growth. We’re going to cover your home, category, product, cart and checkout pages.

    DAY 2: Crush It With Email & Scale Your BusIness

    Copy our email strategies that contribute to 40%+ of monthly revenue for our partner stores. Learn from Deven, an 8-figure store owner and an email master. Email is the closest thing to printing money that you’ll ever get.

  • Get the essential email flows and campaigns to get upwards of 40% monthly revenue from email alone.

  • Avoid spam folders and get more emails to land in the inbox.

  • Improve the health of your email deliverability with advanced yet simple segmenting.

  • Get a plan of attack on how to scale in this volatile economic climate.

  • DAY 3: Scale Your BusIness

    Everybody’s talking about “scaling” but what does it actually mean? And how do you do it consistently and sustainably? Follow this plan of attack on how to scale in this volatile economic climate

    You could have the strategies you need to double your revenue in under a week!

    No preachy-guru nonsense.

    Everything is practical.

    Everything is actionable.

    Everything can be implemented for immediate results.

    Because that’s what this is all about…

    Getting your store results.

    All you have to do is say yes.

    It’s crunch time, and I know what you’re thinking… This is going to cost a fortune, isn’t it? Well, think again…

    Here’s how it USUALLY breaks down:

    That’s $1,782 of LIFE-CHANGING value.

    Think about what you spend on ads every year…

    $1,782 to double your revenue is nothing.


    You’re not gonna pay $1,782

    You won’t even pay half…

    In fact, today, you can get it all for…


    No. that’s not a typo.And yeah, I’m being serious.

    That’s complete access to EVERYTHING you need to double your revenue…

    For only $33…

    So, are you in?

    (Do I even need to ask this question?)

    What's the catch?

    We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’re the best at optimizing ecom stores and we want to prove that to you. That’s why we’re giving you an amazing deal on this. We know that after going through the Bootcamp, you’re going to become a raving fan and a BGS client for life. That’s our ulterior motive.

    Warning: This is NOT for the fainthearted

    Just a heads up from me…

    We’ve helped HUNDREDS of businesses push their sales beyond what they thought was possible…

    And we can and will do the same for you…

    BUT if you’re:

  • Afraid to take action

  • Scared of change

  • Not willing to go ‘all-in’ on your business…

  • Then this isn’t for you.

    We get results for people that are hungry.

    People that know their potential but aren’t quite there yet.

    People that refuse to accept anything but the very best…

    My team here live and breathe revenue optimization.And while you’re part of this bootcamp, we need the same from you.

    This is designed to be fast-paced.

    We hit the ground running so you can start growing your revenue from DAY 1!

    So, are you ready to make it happen?


    March 5th, 6th and 7th 12:00pm Daily!

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